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Evaluation Visualization (2)

We are excited to be part of the Robust Vision Challenge . For further details check out the challenge website and our submission instructions.
Results of the 2018 CVPR challenge can be seen here: semantic / instance segmentation

Excerpt from submitted algorithm results compared to WildDash's Ground Truth. Label images use the standard cityscapes color coding (white is used for unknown labels; e.g. ScanNet); difference images show correct pixels in green, pixels with incorrect class but correct category in yellow, and incorrect pixels in red. All shown frames are part of WildDash's public validation frames and have no direct impact on the leaderboard. However, the order in the list corresponds to the leaderboard order.

Frames visualized:
  • nz0002; New Zealand highway with interior reflections
  • fi0009; Overhead highway scene from the USA
  • in0000; Rainy market scene from Zambia
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